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i walk through a corridor of faces, smiles, anger, and sadness
the voices all chorus together, some louder than others
but my heart is out of reach, so deep inside this madness
the smiles all care and the but distance still smothers
brief glimpses of passion and love keep teasing me
saying if only i was there they could breach the gap
but i walk for miles and miles to to eventually see
they always lie at the end of and unending map
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sonic war
for those at home who listen without hearing, without care
the people rise around you speeding to nowhere
the world rise up to dance a rhythm, step in time
our voices swing together, come on, cross the line!
melody a vehicle for sultry words of creed
life is full beauty, and its beauty that we need
so take up arm and instrument to fight this sonic war
your ears and soul are not prepared, to face what lies in store
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your words are sunlight in the space of my mind
smiles and laughs serve to remind
days when the sun hung long in the sky
when i danced through the trees and my heart could fly
now my heart has forgotten its wings
and my soul is preoccupied with too many things
yet you still bring me back to the days that glowed
and for that at least, my smile ; you are owed.
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hours of tears build up in a glass
half full half empty and half assed
i cant count the time i spent in bed
days and weeks in my own head
final my pupils escape their cage
eyes open up to reveal a new age
eras have passed and time is renewed
another life i live without needing you
there is writing on this wall and a crack in the sky
the hardest truth to tell is softer than a lie.
:iconthymelord:thymelord 1 1
slide my fingers across your skin
my heart yearns for lust of sin
your eyes stare deep, spread out wide
i couldn't be happier if i tried
my fingers brush where few have been
and try to find the untouched skin
exploring you as you reach the sky
you find a place you cannot cry
the only pain is pleasure too
the only thing i see is you
hearts entwine and beat as one
from head to toe burn like the sun
elation crashes over shores of laughter
and still we're numb, even after.
:iconthymelord:thymelord 2 1
dance of love
fluid like silk between my outstretched fingers
the sunset flits across your hair, strands glowing gold
your eyes like moons dance across my face
heart beating like a dance and the fire takes hold
your voice reaches me in waves,
your tongue dripping honey
i dont hear the words
your voice is a day so sunny
my skin dances where you touch
your embrace pulls me apart
my mind opens up and lets you in
and here is where the true love starts
:iconthymelord:thymelord 3 1
the blood is dripping from my decisions
choices that i rent through my flesh
i hear it hit the floor as im losing my vision
i wish i knew the way from this mess
a cold hard floor awaits my caressing
i spread my fingers across the tile
the same white print becomes so depressing
the red spreads out and makes it worthwhile
i let my self slide into darkness and derision
hating why i made my self insane
the black feels warm and fills up my vision
mixing with the smoke in my brain
i pull on a cigarette and pull myself together
the pieces never fit right anymore
theres no way out, im stuck here for forever
i lost my sanity when i lost the door
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The delirium machine, first moments.
The sea, dark and blue, like a thick cloudy gem, slew out before me. The clouds were sparse and thin, but enough to veil the moon, shadows dancing across its reflection on the water. I lifted my hand, the one i still had, up into a bit of cloud, feeling the cold moisture cling to my skin, like little kisses of fish, my warmth bringing them together and giving them weight to slide down my wrist, leaving trails under my forearm. It reminded me of-
“Michael” lillian stepped out of the underdeck “How’s watch going, up here, all by yourself?” She settled herself next to me, her right arm tangling with my left, my fake. “Why did you opt out of the celebration, you're the last person i'd expect to find a reason NOT to drink” She teased, and offered me her drink, the scent of maple whiskey, and bitter coffee drifted across my nose. I smiled, taking it and throwing it down my throat, glad to have something feeding the warmth in my gut, and the dull buzz
:iconthymelord:thymelord 2 3
i wish you saw
sittin up here right on my cloud
wishin my thoughts would think aloud
the feeling that courses through my veins
when the music swells, and when it rains
i open my heart wide and let it pour
out comes a dancer who takes the floor
she pirouettes across valleys of rolling emotion
dips her toes in the heartfelt ocean
that teams with the feelings i have for love
but the black gates of fear hold back the flood
:iconthymelord:thymelord 1 7
sharks in the water
you say the words i whisper
with carelessness of tongue
your fleeting choices flicker
the fickle and the young
you speak so strong of feelings
the feelings that you know
when its the skin you find appealing
not the truth that lies below
i watch you swim in shallow water
bragging of your depth
leave your pride as a daughter
and the venom on your breath
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life only makes sense when seen through everyone elses expectations
how can we see the patterns of existence if we dont see the patterns of thought
our minds melt together but we think we are separate beings
we can either walk together as one, or split and take sides as wars are fought
the key to understanding madness and therefore understanding reality
is understanding why we love, why care, why we dont leave
think about gravity, the only explanations is it loves those around it
we are meant to love, to pull, to gravitate. family is what we need
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my wobbuffet :iconthymelord:thymelord 1 22
madness within
whispers in the edge
twisting your mind
blackness, darkness, but full of so much color twisting swirling
they are there, waiting.
echoes of yourself, your sins, your regrets, ghosts
lifting the edge of your sanity like a veil, to tear at your soul
each night a scar remains to remind you, broken, bloody
another day anticipating yourself, a trap, monster
you hate what you are, but you love, need.
are you going to change, are you going to starve?
they are inside you, he is inside you, i am you
try to get it out, blood in the sink, no escape
is there light, in the color.
i need help, want more..
:iconthymelord:thymelord 0 4
the rescue
The crushing weight of darkness folds me into sleep
I ride a river of tears into the pit that keeps me weak
A raven lands upon my throat and becons me to stand
I come up to the river Styx and slip into the sand
The bones that grab me are made of dreams and fear
Its my own insecurity that pulls me closer near
But as the maw of death and luck begin to close
An arm reaches in followed by the scent of a rose
It pulled me out and turned me around i could see smiling
Her petal lips and forest eyes and hair like fire string
With one strong gaze and smile wide the sky began to clear
She pulled me on and then i knew, that i had no more fear.
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I need to try
i saw another leg of the race today
she wanted me to buy into viewing things her way
yet here i stay
the colors of the world would have me believe
that those who have to try never leave
and morals must be grey
so here i stay
i lost a dime out on the fields
in a world that couldnt feel
for what must have been the longest hour
for those of use who pay the toll
who had to hide and feel the cold
so i stood here in my house feeling dour
but for the longest time i knew it was
the end the justified the cause
your only as good as you let yourself get
and still i seem to forget
so i tread out into the night
looking for the day thats right
to leave my final farewell
ill play the dice where they fell
:iconthymelord:thymelord 0 3
sweet memories
memories of fingers exploring my chest,
brushing my face , on my cheek they rest
my arms wrapped tight to keep warmth near
i feel her smile against my ear
i turn my head and our lips collide
soft as a petal on emotions tide
our souls hold hands and dance and swing
the music of my heart begins to sing
i remember this music and poetry so
the soft light of her smiles glow
but i have fallen into darkness's clutch
tears have replaced her fingers touch
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Time of my heart, going no place fast
Watch evneing die as it blows on past
Clearly we see nothing but THE TASK.
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GaMERCaT - Sacrifice :iconcelesse:celesse 18,665 1,551 Standing Rainbow Dash Plush :iconwhittykitty:WhittyKitty 1,455 233 HONK HONK :iconbunnygirl-666:BunnyGirl-666 43 4 Sun Fire Necklace :iconbrettdagirl:Brettdagirl 4 7 Happy :iconjessierenea:jessierenea 2 1 Industrial Anubis V2 :iconmerimask:merimask 2,574 0
Mature content
my feelings on minecraft :iconhawnaw:Hawnaw 1 5
A Brief Moment
Death watched as the girl, only 17, clutched at her blankets and her body curled in on itself, muscles screaming in agony from the physical stress of fighting her subconscious mind. He could smell her fear. He had been sent to check up on her, to make sure she was safe, but he could do nothing to deter the flow of dreams and half forgotten memories that plagued her sleep every night.
She was beautiful, even at the the height of her terror. Even more so because if it. He enjoyed her pain. He knew that his bond-mate wouldn't be pleased, but Death didn't care. For a small moment, he allowed himself the pleasure of listening to her silent screams, fearful whimpers, and racing heart. Momentarily satisfied, he slipped her fingers between his own, disappointed when the contact of his icy aura woke her.
He felt her gratitude and relief wash over him, and he knew that he was stuck. She would not fall into peaceful slumber for several hours, and if he returned to his bond-mate without making sur
:iconargethaina:ArgetHaina 1 5
Renna and Miles :iconhawnaw:Hawnaw 2 3 Princess Celestia + Nightmare Moon by K-Bo. :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 4,957 250 Crankrats Page: 73 :iconsio64:Sio64 59 81 Stalkers :iconalephunky:Alephunky 3,985 436



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Joshua Buning
United States
HI im a timelord. just your normal average nerd. romantic. poet. musician. maestro. pianist. gamer. person. thingy..guy..yea
any of you who care my chum handle on pesterchum is belugaWhorehouse ;)

Current Residence: Michigan USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: rock, melodic rock opera, viking metal
Favourite style of art: anime, emotional
Operating System: win 7
MP3 player of choice: sansa ...tho i have to apples are sweet
Favourite cartoon character: comic count? green lantern
Personal Quote: hearts are all gooey and red, but i eat them anyway
there is emotion in everything, ever color, ever scent, every touch every word and combination thereof, when you combine words, sentences, paragraphs, there is evolving emotion, when you can keep track of that, when you can tell where the emotion is going, how it is moving, as you write, then you can create art, art is not about looks, its about feeling, how does that color used there make you feel, this line connecting to this line to make this shape with this color, or in books and poems, these specific words combined in these ways , how do they make you feel. i can feel the emotion in my head, moving, shaping, i feel like as i write im molding a specific feeling, slight adjustments here and there to get it just the right look, shape, color, as i write this im imaging making a clay pot, as the spindle keeps on running, and where you hold your hands ultimately shapes the pot...when you try and glean meaning by dissecting each word, you ultimately ruin the work of art, it is meant to be experienced as a whole, and soaked in as one, you wouldnt enjoy each ingredient of a cake by itself, combine each ingredient in specific amounts and in different ways to create a final product, to be enjoyed as a whole.
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